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Understanding A County Court House

County Court House

Many states throughout the United States maintain and operate county courts. A county courthouse is responsible for serving a specific county within a State. A county courthouse will maintain different responsibilities depending upon the county in which it is located. For example, in some instances, the duties of a county courthouse will be strictly administrative.

Many of the county courthouses located throughout Missouri maintain responsibilities that are purely administrative and executive in nature. However, in some instances, a county courthouse will maintain judicial responsibilities. In the event that a county courthouse does possess judicial duties, these responsibilities will be specific, as local and State courthouses also maintain certain judicial responsibilities.

There are a number of states that possess county courthouses that play important roles in the judicial process. For example, the State of New York has judicial county courthouses. Court proceedings take place in these courts, verdicts are reached, and sentences are issued.

However, it is important to note that not all types of cases are heard in a county courthouse. In most instances, a county court will only oversee trials that involve felony offenses. These courts may also be responsible for presiding over misdemeanor appeals, in which an individual responsible for a misdemeanor offense wishes to have the verdict reviewed.

In some instances, a county courthouse will handle specific small claims cases. A county court will share authority with any local town or city courts.

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