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Understanding A County Court

County Court

A county court is a court that presides over one or more counties. This type of court system can be found in many different nations throughout the world. In the United States, county courts can go by a number of different names, however, they do function the same regardless of what they are called. These are courts that often deal with civil and criminal matters on a smaller scale.

In some cases, a county court will also deal with probate issues as well. These courts see a number of cases each day and are considerably busy because of the types of violations with which they deal.

For instance, county courts often deal with traffic cases and disruption cases. Because traffic issues are frequent occurrence regardless of location in the United States, there are always cases coming to a county court.

However, a county court can also handle criminal issues regarding theft, prostitution, and various other crimes that are committed within a particular county. As long as these cases remain relatively small in nature, the county court is where the case will be tried.

However, if a case starts out as a small and relatively simple case, it might be first based with the county court, but if there is an escalation of the crime and the circumstances the case can be moved out of the county court and into a higher court, like a superior court, and under extreme circumstances, these cases can go up to the supreme court, after escalating in severity and detail.

Overall, a county court is one of the lower courts in the court system of the United States. This is where the lesser offenses are tried.

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