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What Are the Seven Stages Of Civil Court

Stages Of Civil Court

Civil court stages can be generally broken down into seven steps. In the beginning stage of civil court, initial court papers will be filed. These papers include a complaint or a petition, a summons, and claims. After papers have been filed, the second civil court stage includes fact finding and the discovery. This stage allows for the civil court to bring to the forefront any documents and information that could help in the case. The third stage in a civil court case is a court motion. After a court motion takes place, a settlement will take place.

If a settlement cannot be decided or agreed upon, the case will then go to civil court. When in court, the fifth stage or the trial and verdict will take place. Once the trial is completed, and the verdict is declared, the collection will begin. The collection occurs when an individual begins the repayment process of the case. If a person does not agree with the outcome of the civil court, the seventh civil court case would begin. This stage is known as the appeal.

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