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Your Quick Guide to Filing Assault Against Disabled Charges

Filing Assault Against Disabled Charges

The specific laws in each jurisdiction vary for filing assault against disabled charges. In most cases, individuals can go directly to the police station or ask the police to report to the scene where the incident took place.

Assault against disabled can include those that are caregivers for the disabled. In that case, it is vital that accusations be made immediately following the incident, as the individual should not be left in the care of anyone that is suspected of abusing that person.

Laws for the disabled include a legal recourse for abuse. In fact, laws for the disabled include the right to have an advocate when an individual is being cared for by individuals that are not family members. In addition, assault against disabled can also include incidences in schools, by strangers and others. Laws for the disabled allow these accusations to be investigated immediately to keep the individual from harm until the investigation is complete.

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