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What You Need to Know About the Immigration Court

Immigration Court

U.S. Governmental Authority over Immigration Courts

An immigration court in the national and legal jurisdiction of the United States will be subject to the ultimate authority wielded by the source of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, a Government body which might also be found being referred to by its acronym, EOIR. Moreover, the presiding authority over this governing immigration court can be understood as coming in the form of the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge.

Another primary aspect of the Executive Office for Immigration Review can be regarded as being comprised of the body referred to as the Board of Immigration Appeals. This organization exercises appellate functions with regard to decisions made by lower immigration courts also in the U.S. court system related to immigration. Consult an immigration lawyer to find learn more about the proceedings.

Functions for U.S. Immigration Courts

The main functions undertaken in the U.S. immigration court system are toward the end of carrying out the removal of individuals who are found to be in the country without legal permission, such as might be determined by a green card, a valid visa, or some other kind of observable document accepted for the purposes of immigration law. The Executive Office for Immigration Review should be noted as exercising authority over 52 separate immigration courts empowered for the purposes of specific jurisdictions of the U.S.

Other Agencies Related to Immigration Court Proceedings

Immigration courts may also be concerned with the decisions rendered and functions carried out by the Agency referred to as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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