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Order for Judgment

Order For Judgment

An order for judgment is a type of court order in which a judgment is made in a civil case without the appearance of the defendant. When a civil complaint is issued to an individual, he/she will be required to respond to this complaint. When replying to the complaint, he/she will state whether he/she is innocent or guilty of the accusations and he/she will defend him/herself against the allegations.

If he/she fails to respond to the complaint within the designated time period, the petitioner can request that the court make a judgment.

This order for judgment, also known as a default judgment, will allow the petitioner to obtain all stated damages listed within the civil complaint. If the defendant fails to represent him/herself by responding to the complaint, he/she will be required to provide the petitioner with the damages that he/she listed in his/her civil complaint.

Trial law has additional information regarding civil and criminal trial proceedings, including motions, orders, and appeals.

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