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Franklin County Probate Court

Franklin County Probate Court

The Franklin County probate court of Ohio is dedicated to dealing with matters of adoption, certified name change, birth record correction, guardianship, psychiatric commitment, birth registration, and issues of estate administration for the deceased.

When it comes to working with the Franklin Country probate court, individuals must obtain the specific forms to fill out in order to have their date come up in court. The forms are all specific to the type of business that an individual or family wants to bring forth. Once the forms are filed, the court will process them and approve a court date or deny the requisition.

From there individuals or families that have filed a form and have been approved will be given a court date. On the court date they can come in and plead their cases and request consideration of the judge for a ruling. In some cases, like that of a name change, it can be a matter of protection, or simply a desired change, and the judge might have to only grant legal approval for the endeavor.

However, when bigger issues come to the Franklin County probate court, like issues of estate administration and conflict over a will, this is where the judge will have to carefully examine every piece of evidence that comes through and take into consideration witness testimony. Wills can be argued over legitimacy based on notarization and updates done on a copy that was hidden away for some time. This is also where families bring issues regarding what belongings they might want.

The Franklin County probate court looks to quickly and effectively solve these types of matters so that all of the parties involved can get an agreeable outcome.

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