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Hamilton County Probate Court

Hamilton County Probate Court

Hamilton County probate court has one of the more extensive listings of services provided by the probate court. Hamilton County probate court entertains cases of: name changes, birth registration, birth record correction, trusts, civil proceedings, civil commitments, declarations of paternity, guardianship, conservatorship, adoption, disinterment, estate administration, and more.

The Hamilton County probate court takes on many issues regarding family property, family relations, and personal information correction or change. This is important to understand when it comes to knowing about different courts. Unlike many other courts, a probate court looks more into civil proceedings and less into criminal actions that have occurred.

As an informational tool, the Hamilton County probate court is helpful when it comes to giving important information regarding legal status changes in name or relationship-wise. This is important when it comes to operating within legal means. Individuals who change their names often have many different agencies to identify in order to let them know of these changes.

Regarding property and legal rights, the probate court can help with the distribution of property for individuals who have passed away. And in cases where individuals believed that a family member has been buried in a wrong plot or that their body has been lost, they can obtain the legal right to disinterment. This allows the casket to be dug up in order to find out the status of the body and if it has been misplaced.

All of the aforementioned legal issues are important when it comes to understanding and operating within one’s legal rights and helps to provide individuals with legal family times that they have always wanted.

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