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Wayne County Probate Court

Wayne County Probate Court

The goal of the Wayne County probate court is to provide fair and equal justice to those who are seeking it through the help of a motivated and knowledgeable staff. In doing so, the Wayne County probate office hopes to inspire the county and the public in the belief of justice and in the convictions of the court.

Wayne County probate court deals with issues of guardianship for minors, conservatorships, and issues of estate inquiry and movement. The Wayne County probate court has a smaller repertoire of cases that are dealt with in this particular court. The most common are issues of guardianship. Guardianship often deals with the limited or full guardianship of minors, and guardianship of individuals who are considered disabled, and require legal protection.

In order to get a judge to hear the case, the proper paperwork has to be filed first. Adults can download the pertinent documents necessary for their cases on the Wayne County probate court website. Once the forms are all filled out, they are brought to the court along with the processing fee and submitted. From there they go through processing and can be brought up to the court.

The court’s judge will then hear the case under the pretenses that it is brought forth by. And with this, individuals who are seeking guardianship must prove through financial records and testimony as to why they would be considered fit guardians. In some cases, this is a matter of a family member dying and an individual was named guardian in a will. This is where the legal responsibility is granted to the individual and they are named the guardian.

The Wayne County probate court takes care in filing and hearing these types of cases before granting privilege and guardianship. They are also very thorough when it comes to estate administration and issues of will inquiries as well.

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