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Alameda County Superior Court

Alameda County Superior Court

The Alameda County Superior Court has several divisions which handle different types of cases. For example, the Criminal Division handles cases which involve criminal charges. The Juvenile Division handles cases in which those charged are under the age of eighteen, even if the offense is considered a criminal offense.

The Juvenile Division may work in concert with the rest of the Family Law Division at the Alameda County Superior Court. In fact, many times the cases may overlap. For example, children that are neglected or abused may be charged with juvenile delinquency. In that case, the judge may order some form of rehabilitation, such as counseling, in addition to placing the child with a foster family.

The foster family may be ordered to take the juvenile to counseling and to address any issues with that child. The family courts have a goal of making decisions which benefit the family unit as a whole, while providing just punishments.

Family Court at the Alameda County Superior Court may also handle cases which involve issues such as divorce. Again, issues of child custody may be involved in these cases. In any family law case, the courts look out for the best interests of the family unit, but especially any involved children.

If the children are old enough, they may be asked which parent they wish to spend a majority of their time with. Yet, the decision regarding with whom the child lives is entirely up to the judge.

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