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AZ Superior Court

Az Superior Court

The Superior Court of Arizona is the court which handles cases that fall under the State's general jurisdiction. The Superior Court of Arizona has courts in several locations. Each county is represented by at least one Superior Court judge.

When counties are large enough to necessitate more than one Superior Court judge, the dockets utilize a numbered system in which the judges are assigned cases.

The Arizona Superior Court handles cases which fall under that specific jurisdiction. Cases heard by the Arizona Superior Court include cases in which individuals are disputing property rights or the right of ownership of that property when the value exceeds one thousand dollars.

Criminal cases, such as those which include felony charges or misdemeanor charges, may be heard in the Arizona Superior Court if they are not under the jurisdiction of another court. Cases of eviction of renters from a rental property may also be heard in the Superior Court of Arizona.

There are, in fact, a myriad of cases which will be heard by the Superior Court. For example, insolvency cases are heard at this level, as well as probate cases. Probate cases can include matters that involve the estate or the will of a benefactor, including challenges to the will. The Superior Court also handles divorces when they cannot be settled outside of court.

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