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Pima County Superior Court

Pima County Superior Court

The Pima County Superior Court handles a myriad of cases, including probate and mental health cases. In fact, the Pima County Superior Court is broken down into several divisions which may handle specific types of cases.

Probate cases may involve issues with a will of the estate of a benefactor. The will must be considered legally valid in order for the assets to be distributed to the benefactors. The estate must first pay any creditors which hold a valid debt for the deceased.

If the court finds that the will is legally valid and the estate has paid any creditors, they will likely allow the estate to be distributed. However, if there are reasons why the will may not be legally valid, the Pima County Superior Court may make a determination that the case must be heard in court.

Challenges to the will may include the mental health of the benefactor at the time they wrote the will. If, for example, it is believed that they were not of sound mind when they wrote it, the will may be challenged.

Many times these types of challenges can easily be laid aside by the Pima County Superior Court if there is evidence to support the fact that the benefactor willingly wrote the will and was of sound mind when they did so.

For instance, a videotape of the will being written and signed may be used as evidence to affirm the fact that the individual was of sound mind and free of duress. However, it could also be used to show that the individual was acting oddly when they wrote the will.

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