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Butte County Superior Court

Butte County Superior Court

There are many types of cases heard at the Butte County Superior Court and many of those cases have to go before a judge or jury. However, there are some cases which can be handled through mediation or alternative dispute resolution, which is available through the Butte County Superior Court.

Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, is used to decide the options which are available to individuals that are involved in a dispute in an effort to avoid court proceedings. Examples of cases which may include alternative dispute resolution at the Butte County Superior Court can include divorce, civil cases and property disputes.

Divorces can sometimes be settled between the couple without the need of going through court proceedings. Couples simply need to take the time to sit down with a mediator, which may be court-appointed, and discuss the issues that need resolution. The couple first makes a list of things they agree on, such as ownership of vehicles.

The couple must then take the time to list the items disputed, such as spousal support. While it may take time, the couple may eventually come to an agreement on all of the clauses within a divorce agreement.

Once an agreement has been made, the couple needs to present the agreement to the judge at the Butte County Superior Court. The judge will likely approve the agreement, but they may overrule some clauses contained in the agreement, such as spousal support amounts that are deemed unfair to one party.

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