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Fresno County Superior Court

Fresno County Superior Court

The Fresno County Superior Court offers alternative conflict resolution. This can be helpful in cases where disputes may be settled between the involved parties. If the parties can come to an agreement, they can avoid court proceedings. In some cases, the agreement may have to be approved by the judge, but it is a much speedier and cheaper alternative than having a judge decide the case.

Alternative conflict resolution can be very beneficial to families that are trying to determine child custody. Parents can sometimes work out an agreement together to avoid making the situation more stressful for the involved family members.

Parents may decide to split their time with the children or come up with a specific schedule. The agreement would have to include every detail, including drop off points and times. The judge simply needs to approve the agreement. The judge may determine that the agreement is not in the best interest of the children and may change all or some of the clauses within the agreement.

The Fresno County Superior Court also encourages resolution in matters that could be heard in Small Claims Court or civil court. Oftentimes, lawyers determine that the cost of court may be more than a judgment. For that reason, it is often beneficial to all involved parties if a settlement can be reached before going to court.

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