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Kern County Superior Court

Kern County Superior Court

The Kern County Superior Court handles criminal cases, among many other types of cases. Criminal cases may include serious charges and the defendant may be remanded until their case is decided.

Criminal cases heard at the Kern County Superior Court can include attempted murder and murder charges. Individuals must have legal representation for the trial, unless the judge allows them to represent themselves. For those that are unable to afford a lawyer, a public defender will be appointed.

The serious nature off criminal charges can include some confusing court proceedings and legal terminology. The criminal attorney will generally explain all of these details to the defendant before and during the trial.

In cases where a jury will hear the case, attorneys from both sides may select jury members from those present at the Kern County Superior Court. In fact, jury members are usually assigned to a judge and then questioned by both attorneys before they are selected for the jury.

Once the jury is selected, the trial will begin. If the outcome of the trial appears to be based on misrepresentation of the law, the defendant may ask the State Supreme Court to hear the facts of the case and determine if laws were broken during the trial.

The Kern County Superior Court may include a number of criminal cases being heard at the same time. In fact, there are many cases being heard at the same time within the Kern County Superior Court, including civil and probate cases.

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