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Orange County Clerk of Courts

Orange County Clerk Of Courts

The Orange County Clerk of Courts can assist individuals in a variety of ways. First, individuals that need to file paperwork can obtain those documents form the Orange County Clerk of Courts, who may also assist with any questions regarding the documents.

Documents which may need to be filed with the Orange County Clerk of Courts may include those which are required to apply for a restraining order. Marriage licenses can also be obtained from the same office, as well as notices to seal documents.

Notices to seal documents are often utilized to protect individuals involved in a legal case. For example, documents may be sealed if a witness may be in danger, to protect their identity and address. The documents may also be sealed if they contain information which may be used in future court proceedings, including charges for accomplices.

Most documents that will be filed with the Orange County Clerk of Courts require a filing fee. In addition, they often have a deadline for filing, which will be explained by the Clerk. Any questions about the forms should be directed to the Clerk so that there is no delay in having the appropriate paperwork filed. For example, missing information or incorrect information may delay the filing. However, the Clerk is generally unable to answer legal questions, and instead individuals will have to seek legal advice from legal professionals.

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