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Placer County Superior Court

Placer County Superior Court

Judges at the Placer County Superior Court may issue restraining orders in several types of circumstances. Generally, a restraining order prohibits an individual from getting close to the person protected by the restraining order. For example, they may not come within one hundred feet of that individual.

They also may not contact the individual through e-mail, on the phone, in the mail, or in any other way. The individual must also not allow their friends to contact the person on their behalf. They may also be required to stay away from the individual’s family, friends, home, and place of business.

Restraining orders can also have special clauses, as determined by the judge. Restraining orders may be issued against individuals involved in court proceedings when it is feared that they may take part in witness intimidation.

The Placer County Superior Court may also issue restraining orders in cases of domestic violence. For example, parents may only be allowed to visit their children under court supervision and may be restricted by a restraining order the rest of the time.

They may also be utilized in spousal abuse cases as a means of keeping the victim protected. The Placer County Superior Court can also issue a restraining order in cases of elder abuse by family or a caregiver.

Restraining orders are somewhat effective at protecting victims from abusers. There are very clear cut rules which must be followed in the restraining order. Any violation usually results in an immediate arrest.

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