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NC Courts At A Glance

Nc Courts

North Carolina Courts

The North Carolina (NC) Courts system is subject, ultimately, to the appellate authority of the State Supreme Court. The NC Courts System includes both a Trial Division, made up of the courts which are accordingly tasked with the function of initiating legal proceedings, as well as the Appellate Division, which includes courts below the administrative level of the State Supreme Court. The Trial NC Courts system, meanwhile, is divided between the Superior and District NC Courts.

North Carolina Court Calendars

North Carolina (NC) Court Calendars are offered in regard to a wide range of the legal functions carried out by the judicial system of this State, though not the full extent of them owing to the practical limitations, such as in terms of available personnel and funds, on the part of different NC judicial districts. NC court dates includes the pieces of information which can be looked into through this system.

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