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Discover Facts About The Wisconsin Court Records

Wisconsin Court Records

Access to Wisconsin court records can be obtained in several methods. The first is to submit an official request for the information to a WI court under the Open Information Act that Wisconsin has passed. These Open Information Acts that have been passed by many states make it easier for the public to obtain access to records of various State agencies as well as Federal organizations.

WI court access is made possible through the use of the Consolidated Court Automation Programs Case Management system. The Wisconsin Court Records were officially made open to public view under Wisconsin's Open Records Law, particularly sections 19.31 through 19.39 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The general public is granted WI court access out of the belief that open access to Wisconsin Court records will make the WI court process more transparent, in addition to serving a role in preventing crimes from being committed if there is greater access to the Wisconsin court records which list the punishments that have been handed down for related offenses.

Increased transparency and greater WI court access is a goal desired by both conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans in the State. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Wisconsin lawyers.

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